‘Zero’! Truthy or Falsy?

Think about a number. Is ‘zero’ a truthy value? Generally, you can say zero is a number and as a number, it should be truthy. But you're wrong. Zero is a falsy value. For example:

String to Number

anyone can easily convert any string into number format (i.e. ‘19’ to 19). There are two built-in functions to do so. First, parseInt(); it takes two-parameter to show the results (string and base). For example, if anyone wants to convert ‘33’(string) to 33(number) first need is to call the parseInt() function. Then inside this function, he has to pass (‘33’, 10). Here ‘33’ is the string which he/she wants to convert and 10 is the base which determines in which format he wants his results. This function will return 33 as a number.

Practical example:

const num=parseInt(‘23’, 10)




Generally, people use try…catch to catch a problem that’s what I understand by a little research reading some articles. What try…catch do? actually the construction of try… catch is try{…//code} catch(err){…//if error happens}. So, by the construction of try…catch it is clear that if you wanna test your code if it is working or not you can use try…catch. In this catch function, you’ll get details about the error if something bad happens. But sometimes you’ll be fooled by not getting any errors in the catch function though there are some errors. Why does this happen? because your code may…

Library vs Framework

What’s the difference between the library and the framework? It’s a common question for beginners. Well, if you search for google you’ll find a lot of answers about it. Maybe they are good but as a beginner, you may not understand everything every single detail and complex method. Now I’m gonna tell you something about it. Library means a small thing in programming compared to the framework. For example, if a tree is a framework than it’s branches are library. Now, you should understand what the is framework. The framework is a larger thing. Libraries are light, frameworks that are…

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